Ip Man Wing Chun & Wild Goose Qigong

Genuine skill taught in the traditional way

Genuine skill taught in the traditional way

Sifu Matthew Laurie

Sifu Laurie has over 15 years experience studying and teaching traditional Chinese martial arts and qigong and is a Senior Instructor authorised by the Tse Qigong Centre.  Study Ip Man Wing Chun, Wild Goose Qigong and Northern Shaolin Chun Yuen in the traditional way at regular weekly classes in Sheffield and Chesterfield.  The teaching is relaxed and detailed, there are no expensive gradings and classes are ongoing so you can learn at your own pace.

Qigong 7.30pm

Wing Chun 8.30pm

New Graves Leisure Centre

Bochum Parkway

S8 8JR

Qigong 7.00pm

Wing Chun 8.00pm

Stonegravels Parish Centre

Sheffield Road

S41 7JH

The Tse Qigong Centre

The Centre was formed in 1990 by Master Michael Tse with the aim of preserving and passing on genuine Chinese health and martial arts skills and philosophy.  Master Tse is a loyal student to some of most famous teachers in China and brought their respective skills to the UK including Wild Goose Qigong from Grandmaster Yang Meijun; Ip Man Wing Chun from Grandmaster Ip Chun; Chen Taijiquan from Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang and Chun Yuen Quan from Grandmaster Chun Yuen.  The Centre flourished in the UK and it was not long before international students came to the UK to study and then set their own classes up around the world including in Denmark, Norway, USA, Canada, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.

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